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QUICK OVERVIEW of Thyro3 T3 25mcg

Bodybuilders most often use Cytomel before a competition in combination with Clenbuterol, who is also a formidable “fat eater”. This stack gives excellent results in fat burning and muscle striation.

Thyro3 25mcg Alpha-Pharma box of 30 tabs: 25mcg / tab
Laboratory: Alpha-Pharma
Form: Oral
Ingredients: Liothyronine sodium (T3-Cytomel)
Concentration: 25 mcg / tab
Presentation: Box of 30 tablets
Dosage: Between 25 mcg and 100 mcg per day
Type: Firming / drying / weight loss stabilization cycle
Level: All Users
The positives of T3-Cytomel Thyro3 Alpha-Pharma
Thyroid hormones most powerful.
Increases protein synthesis.
Gain of dry muscle mass.
Excellent fat burner.
Negative points of T3 Cytomel Thyro3 Alpha-Pharma
It does not cause real mass gain if used alone.
Our advice
We advise you to combine it with Clenbuterol.
Do not exceed recommended doses.
Information on T3-Cytomel Thyro3 Alpha-Pharma
Thyro3 T3 25mcg is a synthetic thyroid hormone that exists only in tablets. It is one of the most powerful thyroid hormones and its properties are strongly anabolic. Buy Thyro3 T3 25mcg online

There are 2 types of synthetic thyroid hormones. We distinguish thyroid hormones of type L-T4 and those of type L-T3, like Cytomel. Cytomel is by far the most powerful of the two. Individuals reported that the results obtained with Cytomel would be 4 to 5 times higher than those of L-T4. The mode of action of Cytomel is as follows: it increases the synthesis of the proteins and thus produces a gain of muscle mass. In addition Cytomel is an excellent fat burner: accelerates the use of carbohydrates and fat burning by making more RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) by raising basal metabolism. This property allows the bodybuilder to use Cytomel during periods of competition preparations in order to obtain a more striated musculature. In addition Cytomel is so effective at burning fat that many bodybuilders allow themselves some dietary deviations during this period, knowing that Cytomel will destroy the excess calories absorbed. Finally, Thyro3 T3 25mcg is preferably used in combination with other anabolic agents. It is in fact especially effective to multiply the action of steroids, but it does not cause a real increase in mass if used alone. As Thyro3 T3 25mcg increases the mass of the user only by protein synthesis, its use must always be accompanied by a particularly hyper-protein diet (even more than with other products) in order to obtain better gains in muscle mass. It is rare for a substance to cause so many desired effects simultaneously, which is why Cytomel is a highly valued hormone in the bodybuilding world. Buy Thyro3 T3 25mcg online

As it is a thyroid hormone, Thyro3 25mcg may cause resting of thyroid activity, in the same way that a testosterone cycle inhibits the production of endogenous testosterone. It is therefore advisable not to exceed the recommended doses. The effects of Thyro3 T3 25mcg are so exhilarating that many bodybuilders are tempted to use it prolonged or at very high doses. A cytomel cycle also causes various symptoms and side effects but bodybuilders manage to mitigate or even eliminate these effects by decreasing the dose slightly. Buy Thyro3 T3 25mcg online

Bodybuilders most often use Thyro3 25mcg before a competition in combination with Clenbuterol, who is also a formidable “fat eater”. This stack gives excellent results in fat burning and muscle striation. Buy Thyro3 T3 25mcg online

Bodybuilders should start at a low dose and then slowly increase. Informed users usually start at 25 mcg per day, then increase every 5 or 6 days by 25 mcg, to go to the maximum maximum up to 100 mcg per day, taken in 4 times throughout the day. It is then necessary to take care to decrease the dose gradually on the end of the cycle in order to avoid a sudden interruption. Thyro3 T3 25mcg cycles should not be longer than 5 weeks. Before starting a new cycle of Cytomel, it should take at least 8 weeks to allow the thyroid to return to normal function. Buy Thyro3 T3 25mcg online

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