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Mastorin S23 is a non-steroidal androgen selective receptor (SARM) modulator which has been shown to improve lean muscle and bone tissue. By working specifically on muscle and bone tissue, Mastorin S23 helps promote bone and muscle health.


S23 acts on bone and muscle tissue as well as other SARMs to cause an anabolic response in the affected areas without causing any side-effects.


A high-intensity exercise, S23 will improve strength and stamina. It may also assist with the reduction of weight. It shows minimal retention of water. It is the most vital medication that has no adverse side-effects and helpful in gaining greater lean muscle mass.


Recent research shows that it is tolerated for use up to 6 weeks, with users suggesting that it should be incorporated into the last 8 weeks of a 12-weeks cycle. Its use is not recommended during pregnancy and mental illness.


Most people take 20 to 30 mg per day to optimize the half-life of the drug when splitting the dose into two.


Common side-effects include testosterone shutdown, darker urine, headache, sleeping disorder, and dizziness.

Complex effects: 

  • Sixth generation SARMs class; 
  • Effectively removes subcutaneous fat; 
  • Accelerates the process of gaining muscle mass; 
  • Affects skeletal muscles; 
  • Safe for your health; 
  • No aromatization. 

Number of ingredients per serving: 

Mastorin S-23 – 20 mg 

You can buy Mastorin S-23 from Epic Labs in Moscow through the order form on our website. We guarantee you a low price and maximum quality of the supplement. At the same time, we will ensure timely delivery to any region of Russia. 

Recommendations for use: 

For best results, we recommend taking 1 capsule 3 times daily after meals. The course of admission is from 8 to 12 weeks. One can contains 90 servings.


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