Hennos oral 10, which has recently become possible to buy in online stores supplying sports pharmacology products, is significantly different from the usual anabolic androgenic steroids. The common thing is that the drug is not used for its original purpose. In the non-steroidal GW 1516, which can now be bought in Ukraine, the active substance is either cardarin, also known as GW-501516.

To buy the gene doping GW 1516, you will need to pay a fairly decent amount, since there is a high demand for the novelty. A feature of the new generation of doping is that it contributes to the reduction of body fat, influencing the synthesis of fats at the molecular level, triggering gene expression.

An important feature of GW 1516, which is proposed to be ordered in a specialized online store of sports pharmacology, is the possibility of using the drug by women. Genetic doping does not have a specific influence due to gender, and virilization in women is not caused.

HENNOS – What action turns out to be a novelty developed by biotechnologists

Despite the fact that the price of the GW 1516 is high, there is a high demand for it from both athletes seeking to achieve a significant increase in endurance and strength sports for drying. A common misconception is that it is possible to achieve noticeable results without significant physical exertion. In this respect, gene doping is similar to the vast majority of anabolic androgenic steroids, requiring intense enough training to produce the desired effect. As a result of taking the GW 1516 course against the background of physical exertion:

● reduced fat accumulation, serving as a powerful source of energy to build strength and endurance;

● fatigue decreases;

● blood pressure is normalized;

● the cardiovascular system is strengthened.

It is believed that when using gene doping, athletes practically do not feel fatigue and do not complain of discomfort associated with muscle clogging during high physical exertion.

How to take GW 1516

The rational course duration is no more than eight weeks. For the initial solo course, an eight-week duration will suffice. Reviews of athletes with experience using GW 1516 show that it is worth starting taking the drug with 5-10 mg every other day. Having decided on the individual reaction of the body, from the fifth day you can slightly raise the dosage, gradually approaching the optimal level by about the end of the second week of the course. According to available data, the maximum dose, exceeding which can lead to the manifestation of severe side effects, without increasing the effectiveness of the course, is considered to be 50 mg taken every other day. Post-cycle therapy is considered optional.

There are recommendations that a solo course is not as effective as combining it with an endurance supplement like Aicar. Combination with slimming products is also allowed. It can be either peptides or anabolic androgenic steroids.

HENNOS- Possible side effects of gene doping

Gene doping has been used for such a short time that a serious basis for the study of side effects has simply not been developed yet. The available information is obtained from athletes who have already taken the drug and have gained some experience. However, even these observations made it possible to draw an important conclusion about the need to immediately stop taking GW 1516 if side effects manifest themselves in disorders of the nervous system. For the most part, athletes report digestive disorders of varying severity:

● nausea;

● vomiting.

More detailed information has not yet been accumulated, since the use of the drug is still, in fact, at an experimental level.



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